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The Hideout Red Hot Chili Peppers Party Night June 15th 2004!
In memoriam Old Skool Rockinfreakapotamus..
Postscriptum May 06 for legal reasons: The likewise named bar is no longer official host for the official Paris hideout Rockinfrea-a-meets although naturally still open to everyone. The photos below represent some of the archived memories of our Red Hot Chili Peppers Paris fanclub meetings for which this site was originally first created and used for so many years, regardless of the bar part which grew out of it later.
Us Rockinfreakapotami will no doubt continue to find our hideouts in Paris as we always have, and I hope to be able to publish the new photos in their old known cyber home this summer when the tour starts! (Note: all fanclub activities including this rhcp page have always been free of charge and unpaid, and therefore continue regardless of third party clients) Feel free to mail me any pics of fan meetings you may have! I am espcially looking for those when the support band The Toilet Boys came along and whipped up a storm in the bar at the previous meeting since I lost mine in a pc crash. In the meantime, to avoid clashes with the bar site, I have moved and published some of the other Paris hideout Rockinfrea-a-meet pictures with Blackie Kiedis and John Frusciante at
Troublekids in Funkheaven, the free uncommercial fansite I made for fun before and during my years as official news director, since they took place in other Parisian locations.

Rockinfreakpotami & Hideout Staff & customers in the front pit at Parc des Princes, Paris for the Red hot Chili Peppers Concert 2004
Click to enlarge
In the front pit at Parc Des Princes
And after!

Globetrotting RHCP fanclub member Javiera chatting
with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith

Born and bred Mouffetard babe Alexandra Koç and Dave Lee - John Frusciante's guitar tech, one of the best in his field, and, we would like to add, one of the most huggable hunks on earth!

Setlist of the red hot Chili Peppers concert at Parc des Princes, Paris 2004
The original setlist for RHCP @ Parc des Princes !
(Note: Some impromptu jams+ John's rendition of "I feel Love" are missing)

Eddie, Aurelie and other fans

Definitely earned status as honorary Hideout V.I.P. 's (Very Important Pissheads) by now:
The RHCP Offical BBS "Fanatics By Choice" Gang. Sarah (Christmas), Rock-A-Gela, Booziesuzie, Ant's Tiger
Same for Rockinfreakapotami Francesca and Roberta ("fenderjag") from Italy!

They came, saw and conquered: Scottish lassies Katie and Kirsty fae Glasgee won all our hearts by storm.
Here we see them with part of their fanclub:
Rockinfreak Henrik from Hamburg who works on the Official German RHCP site + fans/ regulars Paul and Khaled, known to many from playing guitar at the Sunday sessions.
Steff!! What else can we say? Inimitable, heartwarming and designer of all our posters and flyers. Flanked by Javiera, still on post - Chad encounter buzz.

Henpecked and visibly lovin' every minute of it.. Paul and the fab "Fanatics By Choice" Club from UK!
Anthony look at what you missed! Who's sorry now?
TTThanks to Paul Bradley for all pictures save Front Pit Gang, Javiera/Chad and Alex/Dave-

Pictures & Party by Sibél- Greatest party bunch ever the RHCP Fan community from all corners of the world and all walks of life- With a biiig kiss & love to all my Rockinfreakafamily
( PS: 2006: I didn't forget yez & hope we'll meet again!! xxx More pix at 'Troublekids In Funkheaven')

be an Angel- Flea & Anthony designed apparel for charity!
Would you like to see more mayhem? Visit our

'Too drunk for footy'03'
TSteve's 21st Birthday


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